Blue Flame Metalic Guitar SHOVEL – HOTROD EDITION

Very Coo Hot Rod design paint job on guitar

Incredible blue flames on a metallic background. Now this is what I call cool. The 3D look is particularly interesting. I have no idea on how these guitars sound but they sure do look cool. Find them here.

Great Deals on Christmas Guitars for Beginners

Face it. You want to get your kid that Strat they want but who has $1,100 that could go to a college fund for something they might not stick with. My advice is don’t get caught up with brand names. Here are 5 great Strat style guitars that are solidly made, sold by a reliable US music store and all under $300.

The Classic style with sunburst. – SX Hawk MN for under $100

This one is sweet with a Canadian Maple neck – SX Leo NA a personal favorite.

Absolutely beautiful blue SX Hawk LPB with DVD and Gig bag only 8.5 lbs for under $100

Same Stratocaster style guitar as above but in Red.

A Strat with a wider neck for those 6 foot teenagers who have big hands.

SX Hawk MN BLK with Wide Neck

See these guitars and others here.

Hack a Piano to build a guitar?

So this guys build guitars out of wood from old pianos. The video is of him playing but the article can be found here. Really cool story. If i did not know how hard it is to build acoustic guitars I’d run out tomorrow and look for old pianos. That said, it might make some interesting electrics. Here is a link to the article on Charleston Daily Mail.

Don’t buy a Counterfeit Guitars – it might never show up

Just because you can get a guitar cheap from China does not mean you should get one that has a branded, copyrighted name on it. In fact, please don’t. Most of these companies will gladly sell you a guitar without the fake logo decal. In fact, many will offer a custom logo all your own.

But if you insist, let this serve notice you might never see your guitar.

Feds Seize Over 185 Counterfeit Guitars in NJ | The HUB

Feds Seize Over 185 Counterfeit Guitars in NJ | The HUB.

PRS Flame Chinese Knock-off

psr-knockoffThese days you can purchase a knock off of almost any guitar you can think off from a factory in China. Are they any good? Well that depends. Some can be quite good and some, not so much.

Like with anything in life it’s not always better just because it’s expensive. These guitars often have reasonably good wood and necks. Where they likely cut corners is in the electronics.

The reason these can often be so much cheaper is the cost of the labor. This again does not mean the labor has no talent for making guitars, but that the economic environment they work in simply pays less. Of course if you’re sensitive to this type of thing, you could be purchasing from a “foxcon” type environment where workers are badly treated. But that is a risk you run with any product from almost anywhere.

Another thing to consider is the return policy. Most of these Chinese factories have generous return policies. But if you don’t like the product you’re still stuck sending it back to China. Expect to pay at least $100 to get it there.

Other options include looking for US resellers of Chinese guitars who will allow you a trial period and an easier return policy. Do expect to pay more however.

If you’re interested in this beauty, you can find it here for around $280.

Guitar Tuning made easy Snark SN-5

Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin

Headstock tuner for guitar, bass and violin. Attach to your guitar headstock and your done

  • Full Color Display
  • Display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing
  • Features frequency range tailored to guitar and bass
  • Tuner can be used on front of back of headstock

Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin
Snark SN-5 Tuner for Guitar, Bass and Violin

List Price: $ 19.00

Price: $ 5.79

What Is The Difference In Your Guitar’s Pickups?(

Simple video showing the different sounds from a three pickup guitar. This of course will not be how your guitar will sound but you’ll at least get the idea.

This is NOT a guitar lesson on how to play “Under The Bleachers” by “Seymour Butts” taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from roc…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Feeling adventurous? Want to build your own pickups? Hint: Don’t. But if you do, then this is an interesting video.

Set of hand wound Stratocaster pickup, From assembly to wax potting. Using forbon bobbins, alnico V magnets, and 42 AWG heavy formvar magnet wire. Thanks for…

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Ibanez guitar necks???

Question by Alive&Well: Ibanez guitar necks???
I am looking to buy an Ibanbez electric guitar neck- JUST THE NECK!!! Can anyone point me in the direction??? Thank you in advance!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Bob
Guitar necks are made by a number of aftermarket companies and are usually sold by style and fretboard width rather than manufacturer.

Here’s a page for you to check out:

Also, unless it’s a really high end Ibanez-such as one of their jazz models, it would probably be cheaper for you to buy a new guitar rather than have the old one fixed. A neck replacement can easily run two to three hundred dollars by the time you get through parts, labor and shipping.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

HDE® Guitar Pickup Acoustic / Electric Transducer Reviews

HDE® Guitar Pickup Acoustic / Electric Transducer

  • Designed to turn your acoustic guitar into an acoustic-electric without costly modifications
  • Clips to your instrument’s soundhole and connects to the audio input with a standard 1/4″ connector
  • Pickup Size: 5 x 1 in (12.7 x 2.54 cm) | Cable Length: approx. 10 ft (3 m)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Guitar Pickup, 1 x Patch Cord
  • HDE is a registered trademark and is the only authorized seller of HDE branded products

You want some more OOMPH from your acoustic guitar but don’t want to break the bank installing a top-of-the-line pickup. Get your classical rock on with a clip-on pickup that will turn your acoustic guitar into an electric wonder with minimal cost or set-up. This microphone clips into your guitar’s sound hole and plugs into any standard 1/4″ input, turning your acoustic ballads into rock operas without leaving you a poor boy down on the corner playing for nickels to pay for your hobby.

Get a clip-on pickup and turn your acoustic jams all the way up to eleven.
HDE® Guitar Pickup Acoustic / Electric Transducer

List Price: $ 10.94

Price: $ 10.94

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