Blue Guitars for Christmas

No one wants a blue Christmas so why not get that special someone a guitar, or two that will lift their spirits. I’ve always like blue guitars. Here are some from Rondo Music in the Stratocaster and Telecaster style. Inexpensive guitars like these from Rondo are priced so they are easy to collect.  As with all these guitars the bodies and necks are beautifully finished and are ready for upgrades of pickups, electronics and bridges if you want to hack your axe. See them all here.


My favorite. Hawk in a metallic blue for only $99.


My second favorite Strat style. Also metallic and only $79.


Some people like the sky blue color, not my favorite but he Humbucker in the neck position is on a Tele style guitar


If you read our posts you know we have a weakness for transparent finishes. At just $159 this is one of the more expensive models in the Strat style guitar. Love it! Enough said.


Not my favorite blue but I do like Tele style guitars. At $109 with bag this one is nice. Would be nicer with an ebony fingerboard but still nice for the price.

Transparent Finish Bass Guitars under $200

There is something about a clear transparent finish on a guitar that just looks beautiful to me, bass guitars are no exception. I once owned a 1973 Fender Telecaster bass that was solid maple. Ugg. Wish I still had it.   Maybe its the natural wood coming through. Maybe it the texture and character it gives to the finish. No matter why, I just love clear transparent finish guitars. Here are some of my favorite Bass guitars that have beautiful clear finishes, all under $200. Find them here.

bass blond-base 149 blonde bass2

4 Great Starter Guitars under $100

Starter guitars are the best way to get your young aspiring rock star going without breaking the bank. Finding the right place to buy one should not be a challenge. Fortunately Rondo Music in New Hampshire has made some exceptional brands of imported electric guitars. We’ve owned several here at HMA and find the fit, finish and play-ability to be exceptional for the price.  Below are 4 recommendations for first guitars at under $100. On sales right now is the Red Stratocster copy at only $70. Our favorite is the Natural Telecaster. You can browse their selection here.

Looking for a broader selection of name brand electric guitars. Check out the selection at Amazon.

Mike stand tablet holder review

Mike stand tablet holder

Hola! HM-MTH Microphone/Music Stand Tablet Holder

Fits most tablets and some phones

What does a mike stand tablet holder do?

This guy holds your tablet on your microphone stand so you can read words and music while playing.

Why is this one a good buy?

  1. Price (it’s only $17 on Amazon with free prime shipping)
  2. Main bracket and attachment screw are metal
  3. Sturdy
  4. Easy to adjust to fit many size devices and viewing angles.

The Review

Did not have high hopes for a $17 mike stand tablet holder. Honestly, $17? Came about two weeks ago and finally set it up today in my home studio. Wow. Really. Wow. So easy to set up and use it was staggering. Even on a straight stand (no boom or goose neck) it was easy to position to view while singing. Held everything from my iPad to my 5.5″ phone. Easy and secure. Not sure what spending more would have gotten me but this device fits the bill. Can’t wait to try this on a gig.

More images


table microphone stand bracket

Mike stand tablet phone holder

Want to look at more tablet and phone holders for mike stands?

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Stratocaster Guitar Build – Part 1 – Building A Stratocaster Guitar Neck

This is an amazing video on building a Fender Strat style guitar. Building a guitar is not as easy as it seems it would be but with step by step instructions, you can do it. Not for the feint of heart, but if you’re handy, give it a try and thank the author too!

Stratocaster Guitar Build - Part 1 - Building A Stratocaster Guitar Neck

A complete construction diary of a Stratocaster style guitar being built from scratch. I will go into mind numbing detail on most things. Select 720P video q… In this guitar lesson you will learn how to adjust the truss rod on your guitar.

Epiphone Wildkat Royale

Wildkat RoyaleThe Epiphone Wildkat is true Epiphone original–an innovative design that merges solid body sustain with classic archtop profile of Epiphone’s heritage, and all for a price that pros and pros at heart can afford. Now, the Wildkat strikes again with a Pearl White finish, gold sparkle binding, and gold hardware for a rockabilly machine unlike anything Epiphone has offered before.
Gibson Electric Guitars

Epiphone Les Paul Tribute™ Plus

Les Paul Tribute™ PlusEpiphone’s long friendship with innovator Les Paul dates back to late ’30s and early ’40s when Les and fellow guitarists such as Charlie Christian and George Barnes were at the forefront of jazz guitar. Epi Stathopoulos and Les were good friends and Epi would let Les use the Epiphone factory on 14th Street in New York City at night after hours to experiment on guitar and pickup designs. This also was the era when Les, inspired by the stinging sustain heard in electric steel guitars, began dre…
Gibson Electric Guitars

Epiphone Tak Matsumoto DC Standard Plus Top

Tak Matsumoto DC Standard Plus TopEpiphone announces the new Tak Matsumoto DC Standard Plus Top Cherry Outfit, a stunningly beautiful guitar designed by Epiphone and Tak Matsumoto exclusively for Japan. From his blistering solo work and his long-standing association with the band B’z to his GRAMMY winning album with Larry Carlton, Tak Matsumoto has proved himself not only one of Japan’s true masters of the fingerboard, but one of the world’s most powerful rockers. With a searing tone that is utterly infectious, Matsumoto has …
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Epiphone Toby™ Standard IV

Toby™ Standard IVEpiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass that players have been waiting for, the Toby Standard IV. Michael Tobias’ “Toby” basses were first introduced in the 1990s and brought real innovation to bassists hungry for an instrument that reflected modern playing styles. And now, Epiphone and Tobias team up again to bring back this classic design, once again putting cutting edge sounds and designs in the hands of all musicians.
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Epiphone Toby™ Deluxe IV

Toby™ Deluxe IVEpiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass that players have been waiting for: the Toby Deluxe IV. The original “Toby” brought real innovation to modern bass players. And now, Epiphone and Tobias team up again to bring back this classic design, which makes cutting edge sounds available to all bass players.
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